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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  July 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. >>. it's friday! that's the sunrise at camden yards.
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trouble up north on 95 and marty is in the first warning weather center. >> >> it's an absolutely great day's start. we have the big dome of canadian high pressure running the forecast. today, cut and paste of the word pleasant. the trouble is north of us, but southbound. here's sharon. big trouble on 95 southbound. all lanes are blocked from the get go this morning on 95 southbound. that's just in the area past maryland, 222. that's perryville. you can see, the traffic is diverted off of 95 southbound because of it. it's diverted from exit's 193. you can take pulaski to get around the situation. expect delays on 95 and delays on pulaski as well. we have an accident past the maryland line.
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another one in rosedale, a new one in hampstead at st. paul street. speeds on the beltway are up to par and above. everything's running smoothly on the top and the westside. traffic is diverted at 272. there's an accident there and there's another shot of 95 and 275. remember, wjz is always on, go to for more. back to you, don. this was the breaking news from overnight, two security officers were shot. andrea fujii is live with more. >> reporter: good morning, don an everyone. these security guards were armed, but not police officers and nor did they have policing powers. two security guards were on patrol of the 2800 block of
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matthew's street in baltimore. they're being treated for serious injuries. >> around 8:30, they came upon some individuals that we've not identified as yet. it was some sort of scuffle that took place. >> reporter: shots were fired. a female was shot in the eye and a male was shot in the chest. >> the male was able to return fire, using his weapon at the as opposed to. it's undetermined at this time if the suspects were struck. >> reporter: the police don't know why the fat began. -- why the fight began. things have been quiet recently. they're relying on the public to come forward with information. >> we're optimistic we'll get help from residents about what
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happened. >> reporter: wjz found an online job app for the group. they paid $15 an hour. thank you, andrea. our calls for comment to assured protection weren't answered. an update on a teen hit by a car tuesday night. one of the teens, the 17-year- old has died. she and her boyfriend were hit after attending a carnival. an employee at the university of maryland medical center are facing charges. they stole credit card and bank information from ill patient. protecting patient's personal information will be a top
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priority. a northwest baltimore woman is forced to jump out of a moving car with a baby in hand after being carjacked. she tells mike hellgren what it's like to make a life or death situation. >> i jumped out like that. >> reporter: it's a miracle she's alive. this is minutes after the man carjacked her lexus and took her through a ride through baltimore. >> he said, i'm going to kill all of us. >> reporter: it started at this gas station. the suspect, white is seen here before he jumped into the car. >> they were speeding down the hill and doors flying open. they just sped up. >> reporter: i thought, he's going to rape and kill me in front of my son. >> reporter: she jumped from this door of the moving car on
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to the outer lane of the beltway clutching her 20 month old boy. >> i hit my head and rolled. i guess i stood up. >> reporter: he faces kidnapping and assault charges. he even hit a state trooper. >> this could have ended up so much more, with more injuries. >> reporter: he was going 108. >> i was holding my baby the whole time. it was a nightmare. >> reporter: the victim says she's just a mom acting on her instincts. where it all started in west baltimore, i'm mike hellgren. white has a criminal record. in march of this year, he was fined 160-dollars for speeding. a 41-year-old is arrested in nashville. she was agitated when the
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officers tried to pat down her daughter. that comes as there's a new screening method to be tested. frequent flyers don't have to undergo certain parts of the procedure, but they would have to hand over more personal information in advance. suspensions are handed down. both of these sluggers have each been suspended for four games. this is mike gonzales and he's been suspended and buck showalter for a game. he'll hand over the reigns to russell. that didn't help. the orioles lost 8-4 last night. there are three more games
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left and we'll bring you the season finale sunday at 1:30, live, here on wjz. and of course, we have congratulations going out to actor and baltimorian josh charles who's been nominated for an emmy. he's one of six vying for the best supporting actor award. he stars in "the good wife." his co-actor is also nominated. the show is up for out standing drama series. the emmys will be handed out september 18th. >> huge round of applause for josh. he's still josh, more importantly. saw him at preakness, he's still josh. when you're still at that level of acting, that's a beautiful thing. before we get to mike schuh.
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i want to talk about -- i had a friend that asked me to talk about a charity event coming up in bel air. we always do the great prostate cancer challenge at wjz. we're a big part of that. it's from noon to 8:00. they'll have bands, like new romance, it benefits the prostate cancer challenge and zero project to end cancer. if you're hanging out tomorrow, it will be a beautiful day. we'll be fighting cancer a rocking way. take a look at the forecast today and we'll get to mike schuh. aquapalooza is going on. we'll go for a high temperature around 85 degrees. it's in the gentle upper 60s now.
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how many years we been doing this drive with the orioles? >> reporter: how many years we been doing this? >> 25 years. 25 years. >> reporter: what is that, the silver anniversary? bring down your silver, your copper, your paper, with green printing on it, exactly, bird. give it to the bird. they'll give it to the maryland food bank. we'll come back and talk with mandy who's nervous about why we're doing all this when eyewitness news continues. ,,,,, how do i deal with joint pain? i use the power of nature.
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64 degrees now and 86% humidity. barometer is 30.09. it's continues to rise -- it's continuing to rise. it's 2 degrees cooler than yesterday morning.
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down the 50 corridor, 63 and 62 in ocean city. hagerstown, 65 and almost 70 in d.c.. columbia, bel air and westminster in the mid-60s. here's the huge dome of high pressure. it will take a while for it to move. even by sunday on the computer model, we'll keep these warm, humid conditions off at bay. we're having pleasant conditions in the region, and they're bone dry. there's not a drop of rain in the forecast. that's kind of becoming a sub slot here -- a subplot here. having said that, we're on a beautiful run of weather with 85 degrees this day. mostly sunny and nice. overnight, clear and 65. tomorrow, absolutely gorgeous.
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the high temperature of 87 degrees. call it with 90 with sun on sunday. now, it's getting humidity. 92, 94 and 91 degrees. it's been a tough morning for those in cecil county and points north coming south. >> we have an accident blocking all lanes on 95 southbound past maryland, 222. this is a shot of 95 because the lanes are closed. you can take exit 100 or 93 to get off. pulaski highway is the best alternate. 83 southbound, we have an accident on the harrisburg expressway. we have a wreck on rossville boulevard as well. there's one more at st. paul street. speeds on the beltway are still looking good. there's a live look at 95.
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everything's running quietly despite the accident. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota, moving forward. back to you. let's go down to mike schuh. what a beautiful morning to be outside. how goes it, pal? >> reporter: well, it goes well. if you have a moment, have your coffee outside. it's one of those mornings. i want to introduce mandy, the maryland food bank, thank you for coming out. >> how are you doing? >> well. well, it's the 25th annual oriole's wife food drive. it's a great way to support the orioles and the maryland food bank. we're encouraging folks to bring our most needed items to feed hungry marylanders. >> the most needed items?
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>> canned tuna and mac and cheese and peanut butter and canned pastas. >> reporter: dry stuff that's nonperishable. >> absolutely. >> reporter: bring the cans down here and they put them in boxes and think -- >> yeah, the staff and volunteers and the anchors from wjz will be here and the oriole's wives. it will be grade weather and -- great weather and we're looking forward to it. >> reporter: a lot of times, people forget their can of tuna, what can they do then? >> they can donate money. last year, we provided 14 million meals from the money raised. >> reporter: in some ways, do you prefer the money? >> yes, we can buy the food at wholesale prices. >> reporter: and bird, you'll
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be here cheering the commuters on. the people look at the bird and the girls are like, hey, bird, how you doing. he has a good move. he'll kiss the girls on top of the head. to be the bird. come on down, get kissed by the bird, on top of your head. help everyone. let me tell you, if you want to see the fine folks from wjz tonight, don, ron, andrea, adam. they'll collect donations. we'll all be here throughout the weekend. come on down, see folks, help people out, and kick off the silver anniversary of giving away the good food to the food bank. already, mike, well done. well done, the weather will cooperate.
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tonight will be absolutely gorgeous. you know, that really helps out. you know, this is not -- well, we have a million things going on. we have art scape. normally, art scape -- there were years when wjz was a sponsor, and it was like 194 degrees. yeah, inside the tent when the air didn't move. >> yeah, and aquapalooza. there's a ton of stuff going on and the weather is going to cooperate. that's not a bad thing. living good this weekend. won't be chased out of a grocery store. >> coming up next on wjz. >> this is a character assassination. >> reporter: i'm mary bubala, more on the documents
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we're in the 60s around the area. this day is going to be just like yesterday. that's the best way to describe
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the forecast. 65, clear overnight. tomorrow, another gorgeous day and a high of 87 degrees. don, take it away. there's a growing investigation into the recent theft of documents from the historical society. mary bubala talks to the accused man's lawyer. >> this is a character assassination. he's looking for his day in court. >> reporter: he says that the fbi has no evidence against his 63-year-old client. he was arrested at the maryland historical associate on saturday after the staff members accused him and another man of stealing documents. >> i know that no documents were recovered off of my client's persons and no
6:25 am
documents were con ceiled and no documents in his vehicle. >> reporter: he had a key to the locker of the maryland historical society were the documents were found. reports say they're undersuspicion at pennsylvania museum as well. >> right now, he's held on no bail with rapists and murderers. >> reporter: a staff member tweeted a message alerting other societies of the arrest and posted his mug shot. >> if we held a trial based on the police report, a judge or jury would find him not guilty in a new york second.
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>> reporter: the fbi already told other societies to check inventory. mary bubala, wjz-13. a bail review will be held next week. coming up next here on wjz: >> reporter: good morning, i'm andrea fujii, live outside of johns hopkins hospital. two security guards are in serious condition, shot while on the job. we'll have the latest, just ahead. >> reporter: waging a war against state toll hikes. now, local governments are helping them fight. we'll have the details, next. >> reporter: authorities on bothsides of the atlantic are investigating murdoch's media empire. i'll have that story, coming up. i'm sharon gibala with traffic control. if you're just about to head out, here's a live look at what you face on 95, southbound lanes are jammed. that's in the southbound
6:27 am
direction around maryland 222. we'll give you an update in a few minutes. right now, over to marty. >> more than dunkin donuts, we had a chance to talk to the executive of dunkin donuts. how do you dream this stuff up? do you eat all of the stuff and how did you lose 400 pounds by eating your own cooking. we'll have a discussion after this.
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♪ good day sunshine. good morning on your last mission. that was paul mccartney himself saying good morning to the astronauts on board the international space station. the president is calling the space station this afternoon. of course, that's the cool view from outer space.
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you can't beat that. sharon has the traffic and marty has the weather. >> we'll get through an easy weather day so sharon can tell us how bad the situation is. high pressure runs the show. we have a great sunrise happening. two degrees cooler. it's more pleasant that this time yesterday morning. yesterday was tough to beat. today's going to try it. 68 now and 82 at lunch and on the way to 85. don, take it away. >> here's sharon with wjz-13, traffic control. well, we have that big mess on 95 in the southbound direction. that's an accident past maryland 222. it's causing this backup, it's running all the way back to elkton. the traffic is basically stopped and being diverted. all lanes are closed between 193. at exit 100, the traffic is diverted.
6:32 am
otherwise, if you're heading out, fortunately, everything is looking more normal as it should. 54 and 55 miles per hour average drive times and speeds. this is brought to you by toyota. toyota, moving forward. back to you, don. at the top of the new, it's the breaking news from overnight. two security officers were shot in north baltimore. the police are baffled about happened there. wjz and andrea fujii and the two officers are at johns hopkins this morning. good morning, once again, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. these two guards worked for assured protection. they were hired to patrol the complex where they were shot. the guards on patrol last night in the 2800 block of matthew's street are treated for serious
6:33 am
injuries. >> reporter: around 8:30, they came upon, well, some individuals that we've not identified as yet. it was some sort of scuffle that took place. >> reporter: at some point, shots were fired. a 32-year-old female was shot in the eye. a 38-year-old male was shot several times in the chest. >> reporter: the male officer was able to return fire using his weapon at the suspect. it's undetermined at this time if the suspects were struck. >> reporter: the police don't know why the fight began. they say that the area has had problems with crime in the past. they're relying on the public to come forward now. >> reporter: we're optimistic we'll get help from residents now. >> reporter: the police spent the night patrolling the area
6:34 am
looking for anyone with a gunshot wound. so far, nothing. >> reporter: there were two other shootings earlier in the day yesterday. it's not clear if they're related to the overnight incident. murder charges against marcus harris are dropped. he did stab a man in the neck with a broken bottle, but in self-defense. harris faces a second degree murder charge. the judge is denying him bail. >> new details are release about the death and dismemberment of an 8-year-old in new york. aaron has pleaded not guilty in killing the 8-year-old. the 35-year-old lured the lost child into his car and home monday afternoon after the boy got lost after walking home
6:35 am
from a jewish day camp. the chief executive of murdoch's newspaper chain resigned overnight. rebecca brooks is the biggest casualty in the scandal over there. the news comes as the fbi is getting involved here. >> reporter: the fbi began an inquiry thursday into allocations that news corp. tried to hack into the phones of september 11th victims. >> we have a lot of families in the district. they're entitled to know if their loved one's privacy was violated. >> reporter: this is the latest jolt to the media empire.
6:36 am
he's already handling the scandal in great britain. >> reporter: after first reviewing, he and his son were summoned to appear next week before a panel. thursday, scotland yard said it made the 7th arrest in the scandal. murdoch shuttered the tabloid and abandoned the bid for the networks in an attempt to halt the crisis. just a short time ago, news corp. said they would run advertisements apologizing for what happened there. five meetings and five days and little agreement on a debt ceiling. the president has talked to the counter parts about what's been discussed and how to perceive
6:37 am
from here. >> significant details and proposals have been discussed >> reporter: this is not easy. what we're trying to do is solve a problem that's diluted washington for decades. >> reporter: later on this morning, the president will hold another news conference to discuss progress and the lack there of. we'll bring it to you live at 11:00. the government shut down in minnesota is days away from ending. the governor has agreed to turn the lights back on and bring 22,000 back to work and restore some government services in the state of minnesota. back here, scores on tests plummeted. now, we're learning how bad it was. 90% of the schools missed the goals of the government in math
6:38 am
and reading. dr. andres alonso calls the standards almost irrelevant. a long and bitter battle has taken another turn. it's over plans to increase local tolls >> reporter: for one, many are speaking out loudly and often against the hikes. they say they can't afford not to. maryland drivers are angry. they're pushing back, waging a war on maryland's proposed tax hikes over the bridges. local governments are siding with the tax payers. this week, they passed a resolution denouncing the increase. >> i could drive in my car to key west, florida and not pay a penny of tolls. that's not fair. >> reporter: this is the bridge that connects harford and cecil county. currently, drivers pay ten dollars a year. now, they want to raise it to
6:39 am
$72 in a few years. it's not just the amount of money, it's where the cash would go. many feel targeted to raise the funds for the rest of the states. funds they may never see again. this could produce regional disparity and cause harm to those who rely on the bridge, including businesses. >> it would hurt us a lot. people are on fixed incomes and they can't afford to do it. >> reporter: they're accepting public comment until august first, then, they'll review all of them before making a final decision in september. >> if approved, the toll across the bay bridge stands to double. refusing to follow a judge's orders leads to a mistrail. prosecutors presented evidence to the jury. the judge says that the evidence was offhands.
6:40 am
clemens is accused of league in 2008 -- of lying in 2008. the prosecutors could pursue a new trial. there's said to be progress in the lockout this morning. the nfl agreed to limit the salaries of rockies. -- rookies. >> it's an eight game losing streak for the other yes, ma'ams -- orioles. markakis did well. also, the series will continue throughout the weekend. you can watch the game, 1:30, here, only wjz, live. >> the nfl story could break today. >> it would be good if it did. >> yeah, or over the weekend. we're half way through july.
6:41 am
the first game is 9/11. >> will we have already had preseason games? >> no, it would be opening like now. >> when we go to the preseason games, i know, it's hot. >> no, camp would be opening now. the first preseason would be about mid-august, mid-to, frankly, late august. well, mid-august. >> i remember perspiring then freezing. >> believe me when i tell you, that would be good news. i'll see everyone in section 539 and 540 on 9/11. 68, and 82.
6:42 am
sunny, low humidity, pleasant. coming up on coffee with. we had a chance to talk to the executive chef of dunkin' donut products. he went from a top boston restaurant to creating donuts. we have a huge problem on 95. that's not a great way to get a weekend going. we'll have the first warning weather. it will be a great weekend to get going.
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64 now, 86% humidity. barometer at 30.09. a few degrees cooler right now than yesterday morning. it was pleasant and great. elkton, 61 and d.c., 70. low to mid-70s ocean city. 62, westminster and 64 bel air and columbia. essentially, 70 in annapolis. here's the high pressure, that's going to run the show
6:46 am
all the way through next week. even with the high slipping offshore, sunday, warm and humid air at bay out to the south and west. it will be sunny and beautiful and bone dry. not a drop of rain in site. 85 degrees is the high this day. overnight, tonight, clear skies and beautiful full moon. 65 will be the low. tomorrow, sunny and a high of 87 degrees. 90 sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday. 92, 94 and 91 degrees. there's a ton of activities this weekend. besides the fact that you have the orioles in town. we have aquapalooza. we have art scape. the weather will cooperate. thank you. we showed you weijia jiang's story because of the bring. here's sharon at wjz, traffic control. hi, don, well, we have one problem this morning. it's a big one. take a look at the traffic jam
6:47 am
on 95. big problems on 95, north of the susquehanna. we have had an accident blocking the lanes. it's causing a backup to elkton. the traffic is set down there because of it. traffic is being diverted off on to exit 100. there's a live shot of the traffic diversion. you can take pulaski as the alternate. that's the biggest issue of the morning and the only issue of the morning. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. back to you. this morning's coffee with is with frank frank enthol. >> welcome, frank. great to see you. he's got one of the greatest jobs in the world. it says it here.
6:48 am
he's the executive chef for product innovation for dunkin donut brands. >> and also baskin robbins. >> it seems like every six months, you see a new ad for your restaurant chain and others with the newest innovations for lunch, breakfast, dinner, whatever. it's got to be a highly competitive world. >> it is, it's very competitive. we have one of the funnest jobs in all of the cooking industry. familily teases me, they say it's not a job, it can't be a job. >> until they see your paycheck. >> when you're in charge of the product development, are we talking about donut flavors? >> yes, we work on coffees and lattes and donuts and bakery,
6:49 am
muffins and the new breakfast sandwiches. you'll notice, we're starting to offer more things on the afternoon menus. >> a large part of the day, you didn't use to service accept for with donuts? >> yes, we've always had an all daybreak fast menu, wanting to serve the customers that work every shift and may be coming off shift any time of the day. it's always been a big part of dunkin' donut's culture that we would offer this clockless day of a bakery, donuts and breakfast sandwiches made fresh. nowing we're starting to grow beverages. you know, they need a natural accompaniment as well. >> one thing leads to another
6:50 am
>> exactly. >> you're an english literature major and got into the restaurant business and wrote this cook book "the accidental tourist." >> yes, it's about cooking at home with asian ingredients. it's about understanding the spices and the flavors. >> and you once owned one of the top ten restaurants in boston? >> yes. >> and how does that lead to the done kin brands? >> well, all restaurants should have a chef and a culinary team and folks looking to excite the customer. whether they're sweets or snacks or a new bagel or a new breakfast sandwich, you know, it's important that you have
6:51 am
someone that loves food and loves delights customers with food and flavors and creating for the men menu. >> this is a fascinating part. here, you have your newest creation. it's, basically? >> we call it big and toasty. it's two slices of texas toast. it's a slice of bread that's three times as thick as usual. >> two slices of texas toast? >> griddled with two fried eggs, fresh cracked pepper and double bacon and american cheese. >> i can't believe our time has run out, it's been fascinating to talk to you. can we ask what's coming next? >> no.
6:52 am
[ laughter ] i was hoping i had you there. so is mcdonalds and everyone else. the executive chef for product innovation. i hope i get your title right. it's for dunkin' donuts brand. we'll take a break and return after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're in the mid-60s now. sunny and nice and a high of 85 and clear. 65 tonight. gorgeous and a high of 87. that's normal for the day. now, over to sharon gibala with the traffic. well, we have one problem, but it's a big one. 95 southbound, all lanes are closed. there's a live look at traffic being diverted off to traffic on 100. that's on elkton and pulaski is your only other alternate. this is brought to you by home paramount pest control. call for more information or go to their website. there were shootings in
6:56 am
baltimore overnight. a pair got into a scuffle and detectives are looking at two as suspects. >> >> if you're planning a trip to the beach, you'll be able to check out one of the top ten board walks in the country. ocean city's board walk is 4th best. the best board walk is the one in atlantic city. complete news, weather and traffic is still ahead for you this morning. two planes collided in boston overnight and how it happened and we'll have the latest on the injuries. and the debt dual in d.c. hitting congress and the white house. a new poll sheds light on two americans blame, the democrats or republicans. we'll get the latest on the on going negotiations and tell you
6:57 am
if the president is having another news conference on the matter at 11:00 this morning. ,,
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